VictorColor has rich history of supplying dyes to the paper industry. Our customers are some of the largest paper mills in India and the world. Due to this we have a deep understanding of the chemistry between dyes and paper.

Our range has the foll applications

  • bullet Writing & Printing
  • bullet Coated Paper
  • bullet Tissue Paper
  • bullet Packaging & Board
  • bullet Newsprint


VictorColor Leather dyes can be used to dye all types of leather. Our wide range of dyes are the most appropriate for the numerous applications. Our metal-free leather dyes and the iron-complex dyes in the range can be used for organic leathers.

Highlights of our range

  • bullet Ideal for drum dyeing or feed dyeing and spray dyeing
  • bullet Excellent compatibility and levelness offers shades of your choice
  • bullet Very good penetration and fastness properties
  • bullet Good build-up, including retanned leather
  • bullet Compliance with European and German legislation on forbidden amines


VictorColor has a wide range of dyes for numerous textile applications like Cotton, Nylon, Silk, Wool, Polyester, Carpet, Fur and other industries.

Highlights of our Range

  • bullet Very high light fastness
  • bullet Homogeneous dyeing behaviour
  • bullet High reproducibility

Plastic, Paints and Inks

VictorColor offers wide range of Organic and High Performance Pigments, Salt Free Dyes and Solvent Dyes for Plastics, Paints and Inks

Highlights of our range

  • bullet Very low salt content and high purity
  • bullet Higher water and light fastness
  • bullet Excellent solubility
  • bullet Non-corrosiveness
  • bullet High surface tension
  • bullet Long-term storage stability


VictorColor dyes are metal-complex acid and direct dyes in powder form, soluble in organic solvents and exhibiting good all-round fastness properties. They have particularly good solubility in alcohols, ketones and esters, but are virtually insoluble in hydrocarbons.

Our liquid range is formulated using a special process and are supplied in a 1-methoxy-2-propanol or 1-ethoxy-2-propanol solution. Our Liquid range has good light fastness, good resistance to over coating, very good compatibility with a wide range of solvents, good storage stability, low viscosity, fast drying, non-flamamable and ease of use. For indoor and outdoor use

Detergents & Soaps

VictorColor has range of Pigments, Solvent Dyes and OBA specifically formulated for Detergent and personal care industry. Some common applications are detergents, bath soaps, toilet soaps, liquid soaps and hand wash

These are some of the industries that we cater to. For any specific requirements or inquiries please get in touch with us at